About the artist

Mircea Vremir was born March 19th, 1932 in Lipoveni-Romania county of Neamt (Moldavia). The second born of Vasile and Anghelina Vremir grew up in a family deeply rooted in the traditions of the Romanian village, in a natural enviroment providing generous colorings and shapes.

Mircea Vremir started his artistic education at the Fine Art Institute of Iasi (1949-1950) and he pursued at the Fine Art Institute "Ion Andreescu" of Cluj (1950-1955). He first exhibits in his student years and, later on, his rich exhibiting activity is doubled bt a teaching career: teacher at the Fine Arts High-school from Cluj (1957-1961); Teaching Assistant and Lecturer at the Teachers Training Institute of Cluj Fine Arts Department (1961-1971), Lecturer at the Fine Arts Institute "Ion Andreescu" of Cluj (1971-1990). During 1957-1965 he is arts editor for "Tribuna" magazine Cluj. In the same perioud he does monumental work and completes in fresco and mosaic large scale mural ensembles:
- the Culture Hall of Cugir, 1958 - in collaboration;
- the Sanatorium of Tuberculous Children and Culture Hall of Catcau, Cluj county, 1959, in collaboration;
- the Culture Hall of Plaiesi, Cluj county, 1961;
- the Culture Hall of Ileanda, Cluj county, 1963;
- the Student's Culture Complex "Hasdeu" 1964;
- the Students Culture Hall Cluj-Napoca in collaboration.


Vremir Marton
tel: +40-744-516.938

Kovats Ildiko
tel: +40-746-320.534


His graphic work and paintings are exhibited at national events in Bucharest:
- the annual exhibitions of graphic art 1965, 1957, 1958;
- the painting and sculpture biennals - 1968, 1970, 1972, 1976.

He participates in collective and group exhibitions organised in Romania or abroad:
1957 - "1907" Exhibition, Bucharest
1957 - Youth Exhibition, Moscow

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Natura statica-studiu cu alburi(89)-ulei pe carton-57x65-1985

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